A little bit about us

Rocco's Wood Fired Pizza was born out of the love for great pizza. Our philosophy of "balance" is the key to a great pizza. We feel a balance (one ingredient not overpowering all the rest) of great sauce, premium toppings and quality whole milk mozzarella cheese all on a crisp hearth baked crust makes the best pizza. Sounds simple huh? Well…

We put the same emphasis on quality on all of our products we sell. Yes, all this does cost a little more but we don't consider it an expense, It's a necessity!

We are excited to bring WOOD FIRED PIZZA delivered in Fort Worth. Additionally, we will offer Fresh Salads, Baked Pastas, Housemade Garlic Bread, Sublime Desserts and Drinks.

So come discover world class pizza and watch as your pizza bakes in our traditional wood fired brick oven. The tastes and fragrances created by the heat of the wood fire produce a pizza clearly superior to those cooked in a standard oven

Rocco's Wood Fired Pizza

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